Customer Referrals
Our network of properties provides thousands of daily customer contacts. With this direct customer contact, we are able to refer guests to each of our other properties once they stay at any of our hotels.

Marketing, Advertising and Sales Support
The strength of our co-op marketing and advertising efforts reduces costs and increases the impact of each dollar spent. Our team of Directors of Sales and General Managers cross-sells each property which greatly increases our impact on the market.  Our Digital Marketing Manager ensures that each of our hotels has an up to date on-line presence.  She works constantly to improve our search engine optimization so we are not lost when searching, and we are listed at the top of search results.  She also produces our on-line brochures.

Market Knowledge and Involvement
Actively involved in the commercial, group, athletic, travel agent and vacation markets throughout the West, our staff can rapidly identify the needs of the customer and is familiar with the major sources of business. Better than average occupancies are the results.

Revenue Management
Our Revenue Management Department works closely with our General Managers and Directors of Sales to ensure we are priced correctly in the market.  They track all events as well as where the competetition is priced so that no opportunities for increased revenue are lost.  They monitor our occupancy and rates daily so we can maximize our RevPAR.

Hiring, Training, Supervision
Years of experience in the hospitality industry with the leading corporations gives us the ability to put together a winning team at every location. The quality and attitude of our employees is the cornerstone of our success.

Cost Control
With a variety of small and larger properties in a cross-section of markets, we know what it takes to operate efficiently. Constant review, comparison and adjustments keeps costs in line.

Construction and Renovation
Building and remodeling are almost daily activities. We have the experience, knowledge and contacts to get the best deal for the dollar. Our staff is sensitive to the ever-changing needs of the marketplace.

As owners and managers, we are committed to the bottom line. Our goal at every hotel we manage is to maximize the operating profits and enhance the long-term capital gain.